Hi, I'm Matt Bone and I found the permanent repair for the 2016 and 2017 MacBook Flexgate fault.

My Repair does not involve any weak jumpers and offers a solid solution for replacing the split shorter LED Backlight cables.

If the illumination (Backlight) of your screen is turning off when your screen is opened above a certain angle this is the Flexgate fault. The LED Backlight cables were designed too short resulting in the cable being put under strain and splitting when the screen is fully opened.

My repair involves splicing in a new backlight cable and extending it by 4mm to prevent future failures.

I shared a video online to allow techs around the world to replicate this fix and offer a permanent solution to this issue.

I'm getting inundated with people needing this repair from around the world but due to postage costs and our terrible post-Brexit customs situation we cant always accept mail in repairs.

This website is designed to highlight capable techs around the world who have good experience of replicating my permanent repair while offering a long warranty.


United Kingdom:

UK Midlands:



Unit 34 The Derwent Business Centre

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01332 291006

Offering Flexgate While you Wait - Repair Completed in 1 Hour (Booking required)


UK South

Refined Logic Limited

Unit One 325A Goring Road


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01273 569029

Offering Flexgate While you Wait - Repair Completed in 1 Hour (Booking required)