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UKSL Specialises in MacBook Liquid Damage Recovery


Accidents happen and you have now been given an astronomical repair quote for repairing your precious MacBook?

Apple and most other computer shops or companies will replace the entire logic board at over £600. We can repair your original logic board at a fraction of this cost.

We have professional ultrasonic cleaners which can make your logic board look brand new again. Any corrosion or bad components can be replaced at component level using micro-soldering techniques.

Here is a video of us repairing badly liquid damaged MacBook Air:


We have hundreds of success stories, most original quotes were between £750 - £1800 saving our customers a small fortune!

Component Level Logic Board Repair Prices

Macbook Model Price (Inc VAT)
MacBook Pro or Air 2008 - 2010 Intel Core 2 £179
MacBook Pro or Air 2011 - 2015 Intel 1st - 5th gen i5 / i7 £229
MacBook Pro or Air 2016 - 2017 Intel 6th - 7th gen i5 / i7 £299

MacBook Pro or Air 2018 - 2021 Intel 8th - 10th Gen i5 / i7 / i9 or M1


MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Keyboards are often a common failure point when liquid enters a MacBook. We can replace keyboards individually without replacing the entire top-case.

Better for the environment - better for your wallet!

Our online repair portal keeps you up to date with the progress of your repair including photos and diagnostic information. Current and previous invoices can be downloaded at a click of a button.

Most liquid damage repairs will take 1 - 2  weeks. A component level repair to the logic board which requires chips ordering from the US or China may take 3-4 Weeks.

All repairs are undertaken by ourselves, most will be completed at our MacLab in Derby. Complicated Repairs may be taken to our workshop in Worthing and returned to the shop once completed for customer collection.

Please visit our Derby facebook page for current repairs and reviews from our customers: