Derby Data Recovery Services

Recovering Data Off Broken/Inaccessible Machines


If you have a computer/laptop that is beyond economical repair, or if you can no longer access anything on it, we can recover the data off of it for you! We can recover items such as photos, music documents etc.

We can also recover data off of failed/inaccessible external hard drives. 

Recovering Accidentally Deleted Data


If you have files you have accidentally deleted, or a USB stick/SD card that has been accidentally formatted, we can try recovering these files for you!

If you do have something that's been accidentally wiped, avoid saving anything onto it again until the data has been recovered. This maximises the amount of files that we can recover!



We charge £99 to recover data off a device. Included will be a free USB external hard drive if there is <1TB of recoverable data. This will have a copy of the recovered data on!

If the amount of recoverable data exceeds 1TB, then there will be an additional cost depending on the volume.

The data recovery process can take 2 business days to a week, depending on the volume of data in addition to the severity of the device failure if applicable. 


We also offer a free data transfer from your old device to any of our reconditioned Macs