MacBook Screen Refurbishment

We are specialists in refurbishing MacBook screens and can save you hundreds of pounds on the price of a complete new screen assembly replacement.

We started out building 2011 - 2012 13" MacBook A1278 screens and used up all the stocks of brand new aluminium lids in the UK. We then bought in bulk from the factories in China helping us keep all of our own and customers MacBooks looking brand new.

MacBook Air screens were our next accomplishment  which were alot more difficult as the Backlight and perspex diffuser are part of the backlid and difficult to transfer - we managed it and were able to transfer good LCDs from scratched/dented lids into brand new bare lids making the screen look new again.

MacBook Air A1466 Screen Refurbishment  We can also change the LCD Panels alone and even made our own LED Backlight tester which we used to spot any imperfections in the diffusers before permanently sealing in the LCD


2016 - 2021 13" MacBook Screens are now our most common repair.

This Example is a 2019 MacBook Pro TOUCHBAR A2159:

MacBook Pro A2159 Screen Backlight Diffusers

If you have cracked your LCD Panel we can strip down the screen assembly and replace the LCD with an original LG Retina type.

MacBook Pro Screen Repair Derby

The beauty of this is that we keep the original webcam, ALS (Light Sensor) and hinges which are often not working or poor quality on the replacement screen assemblies. There is also calibration routines that need running on T2 2018+ MacBooks which only Apple has access to which can cause issues. These are not required with an LCD Only swap as the original serial number and data is held in the camera board which is kept original.

If you have a 2016 model with the shorter LED Backlight cable, these are prone to a fault called 'Flexgate'. We are able to replace the LED Backlight cable for a longer version while the LCD Panel is removed.

MacBook Pro A2159 Screen Replacement

On 2016+ MacBook Pro's Apple has located the screen control board (TCON) inside the base of the MacBook. Great for making the screen thin but this puts the board in a vulnerable location and prone to liquid damage.

We quite often get MacBooks with dead screens due to liquid getting into the circuit on the TCON board and corroding it.

MacBook Pro A1708 TCON Screen Repair

MacBook Pro 2016 A1708 13 Inch Screen Repair

In this instance on a 2016 A1708 we removed all of the corroded components, cleaned up the solder pads and used replacement components from a Donor TCON Board. This worked and we got the screen running perfectly again saving the customer hundreds of pounds on a replacement.

Fixed 2016 MacBook Pro A1708 Screen