UKSL Shop East Midlands Derby

Welcome to UKSL Derby.

We have successfully been running our retail shop on Sadler Gate in Derby since 2010. Close to all of the trendy Independent shops and bars our Grade II listed building is draped with history.

The Techs in our shop have a great passion for repairing and refurbishing devices.

We have turned into such a 'throw away' nation with no interest in the huge amount of energy that is used and C02 that is created when manufacturing a laptop. We strive to change this.

The computer models that we sell in our shop are all business trusted models which are much better made than retail models bought new on the high street. Designed to run all day, every day without fail. Most of our business laptops were £900-£1800 new and can now be purchased professionally reconditioned with 12 Month Warranty for £229 - £479.

 UKSL Are Independent Apple MacBook and iMac Repair Specialists. We have nearly 20 years experience in fixing Apple devices. We can also repair Apple logic boards at component level which can save hundreds of pounds on the repair. We have permanent fixes to problems that may computer shops and even Apple will have no solution for. UKSL don't laugh at your vintage devices, we love them.

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