MacBook Pro 13" A1706 and A1708 LCD Panel Replacement

UKSL is pleased to offer LCD panel only replacements for the 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pro 13".

MacBook Pro 13 Inch Screen Replaced

Model Numbers are A1706 TouchBar and A1708.

If you can't afford a full screen assembly fitment for £430 - £600 this is a much cheaper solution.

We can painstakingly strip down your original screen assembly and replace the individual LCD Panel itself for £299.00

A1708 Screen Repair

 LCD Panels fitted are original LG Retina screens (There is no 'fake' retina screens, they are sourced outside of Apple directly from the factories).

A1706 Screen Fault Replacement

We have become a bit of an expert on these screens and were first in the world to find a permanent solution to the flexgate issue.

Backlight Cables Replaced

If you are suffering from a 'stage light effect' at the bottom of the screen or a black screen when the screen is opened at a certain angle this not an LCD Panel fault. This fault is called flexgate which is a design fault that effects 2016 and 2017 MacBooks. Please see our Flexgate repair page for more information.

Backlight Diffusers

LCD Panel replacement is the perfect solution for cracked screens or screens whith defects such as coloured or black bands accross the panel.

 While your Screen is apart we will inspect the LED Backlight cable and the webcam cable. If they are the shorter version we will solder in the revised brand new longer cables to prevent the flexgate desigh fault. Flexgate Cables Replaced

 Flexgats Black Screen Repair

Advantages of LCD Panel replacement:

  • Much Lower Cost
  • Original Apple Backlight films and diffusers can be used keeping the screen bright white. Replacement screen assemblies usually have a yellower hue to them.
  • No issues with Webcam faults. Many replacement screen assemblies in circulation were built without webcam modules fitted.
  • No Issues with ALS sensor. The ambient light sensor is used to turn the keyboard backlight on. If this sensor is missing as it quite often is from replacement screen assemblies the keyboard backlight will never turn on automatically.
  • Newer Webcam and Backlight cables can be soldered into the screen.
  • Better for the environment - less wastage. No alloys requiring recycling.


  • Original screens are built by robots in a dust free factory. We are doing this manually by hand and when the screens are opened there is a high chance of dust and marks occurring on the very delicate backlight films and diffusers. A dust particle can be magnified through the diffusers which can appear on a bright white screen.
  • This is a very in depth repair and the screens are repaired in batches every 2 weeks.

 Theoretically we can fix other faults with these screens too. Sometimes mistakingly called flexgate (flexgate is only a backlight fault) - if flickering or coloured bands appear on the screen only when the screen is opened at a certain angle this could be caused by the 2 x thick flex cables failing.

LCD Data Flex Replacement

We can removed your existing LCD and solder on new flex cables for £219.00 inc VAT


We can also replace TCON LCD Control boards. Sometimes after liquid damage they get hit with corrosion as they are located in the main body of the MacBook.

TCON Board Replacement

We can replace this board without the need for an entire new LCD or Screen assembly for £179.00 inc VAT


Completed Screen

MacBook Screen Replacement