Insurance Repair

UKSL works with some of the largest Insurance companies in the UK by successfully repairing their client machines. 

We know that customers quite often bond with their Apple computer and it becomes much more than a device. In our experience a customer would much rather get their original MacBook restored into a new condition with all of their data and settings intact. 

We have seen some Insurance companies replacing a customers 2 year old MacBook which could easily be repaired for £250 with brand new machines worth up to £1800.

The two main reasons for replacing a damaged MacBook are:

Liquid Damage, when the MacBook fails due to spillage ingress or atmospheric moisture. Most repair companies along with Apple themselves would replace the failed logic board with a brand new part at huge expense (£600 - £1000). UKSL Specialise in liquid damage recovery and can repair the logic board at component level under the microscope using micro-soldering. We have professional ultrasonic cleaners to remove all signs of corrosion and liquid and make the logic board look brand new.

Physical Damage, often breaking screens or casings. UKSL Can rebuild a damaged MacBook or iMac into a replacement case saving hundeds of pounds. Screens can either be replaced as an entire screen assembly or we can actually replace the LCD panel only unlike Apple saving hundreds of pounds in the repair costs.

To keep you and your customers up to date with the repair progress UKSL have an online portal on our website which allows access to photo's of the repair and diagnostic reports. Updates can be sent to the customer or manager via email or SMS message. Invoices and purchase orders can also be downloaded directly from our repair portal.

Before starting a repair UKSL can generate an insurance report highlighting the faults along with the appropriate cost to repair.

Environmentally friendly - repairing a computer can save 230kg of CO2 over replacing with new. Repairing will also lead to less landfill waste, less harmful chemicals damaging the environment.

If you are interested in how UKSL can save your company money on repairs please contact us on 01273 569029 or eMail