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USB Port Repair Derby

USB Ports can be easily be broken and are made even more vulnerable by lengthy 3G Internet Dongles which can lever the socket and break the connections.

Symptoms are :

  • No Power from USB Port
  • Flickering power to USB Device when usb lead moved.
  • USB Device turning on but not picking up in windows
  • 'Power surge on hub port' displayed in windows
  • USB Device loosing connection when moved
  • Socket phisically loose
  • Bent Pin

Replacing a broken USB port requires the laptop to be completely stripped down to motherboard level. A broken USB port will always be attempted to be replaced with a brand new socket although with some laptops replacement ports are unavailable. In this case we will reclaim a fully working USB port from a faulty motherboard.

We charge £60 to replace a broken USB port and £10 for each additional replacement USB Port.