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Laptop Repair Derby - Keyboard Repair

We have over 200 keyboards in stock which can be used as either a complete replacement for your faulty keyboard or used for key salvage\reclamation.

If you have popped a few keys from your keyboard do not attempt to glue down the key as thi may render your keyboard useless.

We can quickly reattach keys if the mechanisms components underneith the key are still intact.

If you have broken the mechanism components or lost the keys alltogether dont worry as we are very successful in fitting replacements.

Although fixing keys appears simple, it is often very time consuming as we have to hunt though our 200+ models to find a relacement part. We charge a flat charge of £10 to fix a keyboard.

A complete used keyboard will be fitted for £35

A brand new genuine\original keyboard can be fitted for £45 (PC) - £120 (Mac)