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Hard Disk Replacement Derby

A hard disk is the most delicate part of a laptop and can be very easily damaged. It is used for the storage of files and data such as windows, photo's, music and documents.

The most common cause of hard disk failures are:

  1. Turning the laptop off by holding down the power button without shutting windows down correctly.
  • The read\write head hovers above the disk surface on a cusion of air which is built up by its spinning motion. The distance between the head and the disk surface is measured in millionths of an inch and a single smoke particle is enough to cause damage. When the laptop is shut down correctly the heads land in a safe area of the disk called the 'landing zone' and then dismount off the disk in a safe 'parking bay'
  • When the laptop is turned off by holding down the power button until the laptop turns off the disk slows down disturbing the cusion of air between the head and the disk causing the heads to hit the disk surface damaging and grinding away the magnetic film on the surface. This causes bad sectors and corrupts data on the hard disk often rendering valuable pictures and documents unreadable.
  • Hard disks store information about how many times the laptop was turned off incorrectly and we can retrieve this information to piece together how and why the hard disk has failed.

    2.  Physical Shock Damage

  • While the hard disk is spinning, any shock damage can cause the head to bounce against the disk surface causing damage to the magnetic film on the disk surface. This failure is the most instantaneous and can cause the heads to completely crash against the disk preventing it from spinning thus redering any chance of standard data retreival impossible.
  • Hard disks often have G-sensors and can store information about previous shock history. We can retrieve this information and use it to piece together how the hard disk has failed.

   3. Liquid Damage

  • Liquid ingress can damage the circuitry on the controller board located on the back of the hard disk. It is not possible to swap controller boards contrary to popular belief. This is due to disks sharing the same model numer having completely different firmware and contain data specific to platter arrangement.

  4. Manufacturing Fault

  • Premature hard disk failure can sometimes be caused by manufacturing faults. We have seen brand new hard disks fitted to new Acer laptops fail within 6 hours for no reason.

Hard disks have many sensors and store data throughout their lifetime. Just some of types of Data stored include Max\Min Temperature, Spin up time since new, Emergency Head Retract (turning off by holding down the power button), Spin Up Retry Count, Load Friction, G-Sense Error Rate, CRC Error Count, Bad Sector Count, Head Stability, Spin-Up Time and Throughput Performance.

The cost of replacement depends upon the size and type of the hard disk.

Budget Option:

We can offer customers a replacement 60/80GB SATA hard disk for £20 as a budget option when combined with a full reinstall. This gets the laptop up and running although storage capacity will be reduced. Most of our customers have approx. 10GB Photo's, 15GB Music and 5 GB Misc Documents. 30GB in total making this solution more than adequite without any noticable difference. It is more than likely that the original 250\320GB hard disk would have never been filled in the laptops lifetime.

Like For Like Used Replacement:

We stock quantities of used laptops retrieved from unfixable part exchange laptops or disks used in our reconditioned business laptops. A refurbished hard disk has considerable cost benefits. We can usually install a Used 160GB SATA hard disk for £25 when combined with a full reinstall.

Like For Like New Replacement:

We can replace the failed hard disk with a new disk of the same specification. Great fro customers that wish to keep their laptops to the original specification.


You can use a failed hard disk as an opportunity to upgrade. If your 250GB drive has failed, why not upgrade to a 500GB or even 1TB (1024GB) drive. Please call for our latest pricing as hard disks prices are unpredictable at present due to flooding in Asia.

Please note that a newly fitted hard disk will be blank and will contain no windows operating system. Getting your laptop up and running again will require a full reinstall which involves 1.5-2 hours work to do correctly at a cost of £49.