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Apple iPad Repair Derby

Broken your apple iPad?

You might be shocked to know that Apple refuse to replace screens and digitizers (touchscreens) on their iPads and simply offer a discount on a new iPad.

This is great if you have ~£300 for an upgrade, but what if you are happy with the model that you have? Just think about loosing all of your favourite app's, music and settings.

Don't worry UKSL is here to help.

We can replace broken digitizers, lcd panels, buttons, casings and logic boards and heavily reduced prices using genuine Apple parts wherever possible.

We can also remove passwords, reflash and restore your iPad if it is refusing to boot

Please be aware that UKSL are not and do not pretend to be Apple Authorized Service Providers. Allowing us to fix your iPad may invalidate your apple care warranty. We are however very experienced in repairing mobile computing and have over 13 years experience in this field.

The following prices are for repair of Apple iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4

Cracked Digitizer Replacement £139
Cracked LCD Replacement £139
Cracked Digitizer + LCD Replacement £159
Re-Flash \ Restore £49

We stock spare parts for iPad's and can normally complete a screen or digitizer repair in 2 - 3 days. If we need to order extra parts, completion time may take 4 -5 days.