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Terms and Conditions

Our company only sell top branded laptops, and our aim is to provide the best service for our customers.  All machines are reconditioned and are sold in full working order with battery, power supply, and any other peripherals that may be included on the sale description ticket, which is presented with all our products when advertising for sale. 

All our laptops are sold with fully working operating systems; for example Microsoft Windows XP, etc. However, our company does not include any anti-virus software, as we appreciate that our customer’s prefer to choose their more desirable anti-virus software. We therefore recommend to our customers that before accessing the internet on their purchased laptop, to install or download anti-virus software to protect against computer viruses which affect the competence of a computer or laptop. We recommend installing AVG Virus Scanner which is free from Our company can not be held responsible for any virus problems, as all laptops are sold freshly installed and virus free.

Our terms and conditions explain our company’s policy on sale, returns and warranty. We aim to provide a more than satisfactory service to our customers, and all our machines are built to a high standard, and are ready to use.

All laptops come with a 90 day warranty, but we may only offer refunds and exchanges 30 days from date of purchase. We can only offer refunds due to hardware fault only. However, we do offer a repair service. Customers must contact our company prior to returning goods.


1.1    A purchase is a binding contract of sale between the supplier and customer. This includes an agreement to our terms and conditions, which must be acknowledged by UK Student Laptops, and the consumer.
1.2    An agreement is where a customer has decided upon their purchase and they produce payment; a payment indicated by a sale ticket or agreed between the supplier and consumer, and the supplier produces a receipt of sale. A contract has then been made.
1.3    A sale/payment is an exchange of our company’s goods to the customer in return for payment. Payment is accepted through cash, credit/debit card, or cheque. We do not accept any other form of payment.
1.4    Our sale description tickets include all information regarding the laptop’s specification and extra peripherals; including CPU, memory, hard disk capacity, optical drives, network and internet connectivity, Universal Serial Bus (USB ports) and operating system. Our company does not conceal any information regarding our products; we aim to provide as much detail as possible to aid our customers in their decision.
1.5    Our returns policy sets out our company’s policy on returns and exchanges, as well as warranty details.
1.6    Our warranty explains our company’s written promise to repair or replace a product that develops a hardware fault within a fixed period of time. Our warranty works in conjunction with our returns policy.
1.7    A repair is service which our company can provide for damages, and the nature and cause of the damage will depend upon the fee of service. Our reparation service operates in conjunction with our returns policy and warranty, and customers must allow at least one week for reparations to be made.
1.8    Hardware is the physical and electronic components of a computer.
1.9    Software is the programmes and the instructions which control what a computer does, for example, Microsoft Word or a game.
1.10    A virus is a software problem which affects a program or part of a computer program, which can make copies of itself and is intended to prevent the computer from working normally. Our company can not be held liable for any virus problems is it not related to manufacturing and are incurred during customer use of the internet, floppy discs, etc.


2.1    Refunds can only be given for hardware fault only, and not physical damage. For example; motherboard faults or failures, etc.
2.2    All returning products must be returned direct to our company to the place of origin where the laptop was purchased. All laptops bought from Trade Fairs must returned and given to our supplier at the Trade Fair of purchase.
2.3    Customers returning goods must contact our supplier prior to return, either by telephone or email. Contact details can be found on receipt and online at
2.4    Refunds cannot be given where there is no genuine hardware problem. Once a product has been accepted by a customer, no refund can be give unless there is a hardware fault.
2.5    We do not offer refunds to customers who have simply changed their minds after purchasing their product, as once a customer has accepted the purchase of a product; it is a binding purchase between the customer and our company.
2.6    After a sale has been made, goods can be altered by the customer, at which point makes it difficult for the product to be resold, and products can be kept by the customer up to lengthy periods of time, in which time products have been used. It is therefore our policy to not offer refunds for no genuine reason.
2.7    Refunds will not be given for faulty parts, such as power supplies or other parts that can be easily replaced, as these parts can simply be exchanged/ replaced for a new working part. Parts that are covered within the 90 day warranty may be exchanged for free.
2.8    Refunds cannot be given for physical damage, and are not covered within our Warranty. For example; smashed screens or broken power sockets, battery problems, etc.
2.9    Other forms of monetary compensation can be awarded for non refundable products; either a replacement of part, or repair to a damage product, which will be granted at an additional cost.
2.10    We recommend to our customers to contact us prior to trade fairs by telephone or email, for a more immediate service. However, customers must allow for any short delays for any parts that may required order and delivery, as our company can not always promise that certain parts may be in stock at our warehouse.
2.11    Costs will depend on the extent of damage, which must be discussed with the supplier, as some repairs may vary in time and cost.
2.12    A refund may not be given if viruses are found on Software. All products are sold Virus free.
2.13    We do advise you download Anti-Virus software after purchase to protect against viruses, as we cannot be held responsible for these problems.
2.14    We cannot offer free support for virus and Spyware infection under our warranty.
2.15    A refund or an exchange will not be given 30 days after the date of purchase.
2.16    Refunds can only be given in the form of original payment. Any payment made by credit/debit card will be refunded through credit/debit, and so the card used for payment must be presented to our supplier in order to refund payment onto the original account.


3.1    All products come free with a 90 day warranty, which becomes effective on the date of purchase.
3.2    Our warranty covers hardware faults only. This does not include physical damages. Please refer to our returns policy for more information.
3.3    We can only offer refunds or exchanges within 30 days of date of purchase, however repairs can be offered free of charge during the 90 day period, which becomes effective on the date purchase. Any repairs that occur after the 90 days period will be charged.
3.4    Terms and Conditions of Warranty must coordinate in conjunction with our returns policy.
3.5    A charge will be incurred after the 90 day warranty as expired, for any hardware faults. This can be discussed with your supplier, as costs will depend on the extent of the fault, and the time it will consume to repair the fault.
3.6    All repairs require at least one week to be completed, and this does require the product to be returned to our warehouse. This allows our company the sufficient time repair damages and faults, and allow for any new stock to be ordered and delivered to our warehouse.
3.7    All receipts must be retained and must be presented to the supplier if any problems or issues arise, as proof of purchase, and proof of warranty. This is essential as we cannot offer our support without proof of purchase.
3.8    Warranty does not cover Software problems or Virus problems. All products are sold with an activated Windows operating system, and are Virus free, and therefore no refund can be given. However, a service can be made available for the reinstallation of corrupted Software, which will be charged at an additional cost, and will depend on the extent of corruption, which can be discussed with our supplier.


4.1    All website orders are made via We receive successful orders instantly, and these are checked throughout the day, weekdays Monday to Friday, between the hours of 10am to 6pm.
4.2    We aim to deliver a fast service to our customers, although it must be noted that orders placed on Thursdays and Fridays will not be dispatched until early the following week, as we politely ask our customers to allow time for the maintenance and testing of laptops, and our offices are closed Saturdays and Sundays.
4.3    All purchases are governed by Google Checkout. Google Checkout is a separate domain from our website, therefore our company remain a separate function from Google, and we cannot accept any liability for any error made by Google Checkout. Please refer to our website’s disclaimer and security policy for more information.
4.4    All orders made via must be accepted by Google checkout before any purchase can be made.
4.5    Payments must be received before any laptop is dispatched.
4.6    For any queries or problems, we advise our customer to email us directly at [email protected], and we will be able to provide any help necessary.
4.7    If customers wish to refund or repair purchase, we ask for customers to contact UK Student Laptops first via email or telephone, before returning laptop to our warehouse. We ask this, as some faults can be easily amended by reporting the fault to us, as we may be able to provide advice as to how to amend the problem without having to re-package and re-post product, as costs may be incurred though postage. Please refer to section 6 and our returns policy for more information.


5.1    We deliver products via Royal Mail Special Delivery. All products are packaged safely and securely, and are fully insured on the day of dispatch, in accordance to the Royal Mail Service. However, other delivery companies may be used in other circumstances in reference to the amount, size or weight of purchase.
5.2    Tracking codes/ references are provided by the Royal Mail Service when dispatched, and all products are insured during delivery.
5.3    The Royal Mail, and any other delivery service or company remain a separate function from our company, and therefore we cannot be held responsible for any action made by such service or body.
5.4    We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage or any liability made on behalf any other delivery body once product as been dispatched. However, our company do retain all records/ receipts and tracking numbers of delivery and all products are fully insured before dispatch, should any problem occur.
5.5    Royal Mail Special Delivery guarantees a next day delivery by 1pm. However, this condition is not applicable to our terms and conditions, as this condition lies solely with the Royal Mail Service, and not with UK Student Laptops.
5.6    All laptops are dispatched in fully working order. We must advise that we cannot accept responsibility for any physical damage made during delivery, and should any damage have occurred, for customers to inform us on the day of arrival, and our company can then deal with this further with the Royal Mail Service with the insurance of package.
5.7    Any damage reported after day of arrival will not be reported as delivery damage, and well be dealt with under our warranty.


6.1    Refunds of our postal costs will be given in conjunction with our returns policy, and our 90 day Warranty. Therefore, these sections will run in accordance to sections 1 and 2 of our terms and conditions; please refer back to these sections for more information.
6.2    Postal costs may be refunded if a laptop is being returned due to hardware faults. In this instance, a customer may return a product, and provided a fault is found and runs in accordance with our returns policy and warranty, we can then refund all postal costs incurred.
6.3    If there is no genuine hardware fault, we can not offer refunds of postage. We therefore ask for all returns being made, for customers to contact us directly before returning the laptop, as this may be unnecessary, as fault may be easily fixed or amended by following simple steps advised by our supplier. Please refer to section 4.7 of our terms and conditions.
6.4    Products being returned due to hardware faults must be packaged safely and securely, and sent to our company address via Royal Mail special delivery, which will protect the insurance of the product. Our company will give full refunds of the postal cost under these circumstances.
6.5    We do not offer refund of postal costs for products being returned due to physical damage. However, services are available to replace or repair damaged parts, at an additional cost, and postal costs will be quoted on your bill, and can be discussed with us via telephone or email.
6.6    Faulty power supplies can be replaced in accordance with our warranty, and there will be free postage of replacement. A charge will be incurred once 90 day warranty has expired.
6.7    Costs will be incurred once the 90 day period has expired for both the power supply and the cost of postage. Payments will depend upon model of the product, which can be discussed via email with our supplier.
6.8    Batteries are not covered within our Warranty, but can be replaced at a cost. Costs will depend upon the model of the machine, and there will be an additional cost of postage.
6.9    All Payments will depend upon the model of the product, which can be discussed via email with our supplier.
6.10    No refund will be given for postal costs incurred where a customer has returned a laptop for no specific purpose, i.e. there is no genuine hardware fault or customer has simply changed their minds about purchase.

Date reviewed: 29 April 2009