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Full Reinstall + Latest Drivers Derby

Laptop Running Slow?, Virus Infection? or Selling your laptop on?

A laptop would normally need a reinstall due to Virus infection, Corrupted startup file (blue screen, ntldr is missing). Another reason may be because your laptop has slowed down.

After a few years of usage, a windows installation can become very tired. Useless pieces of software will be starting up with windows making the logon process very lengthy. Often when a software application is installed it binds itself into the windows startup whereas in reality we only need it to start when the application is manually started.

Another reason for a computer slowing down is the fact that when a file is deleted it is still on the hard disk until it is overwritten by another file. The new file may not overwrite the old file perfectly and so it is split into fragments and stored in the next available space on the hard disk. After a period of time the files on the hard disk can become very fragmented resulting in the hard disk having to work overtime reading parts of each file from different areas of the disk (much slower than reading a file stored in a single area).

You may also have registry and startup errors from piceces of software previously uninstalled.

We can perform a full windows reinstall with the latest manufacturer updates for only £59

Our reinstallation process involves

  1. Optional Backup of documents, photo's, music, videos. We can also backup outlook emails on request. We cannot backup installed programs such as Microsoft Office and Games as these embedd software libraries and registry settings into the windows installation. Documents are restored once the laptop has been fully reinstalled. Our optional backup service is £10
  2. We remove all partitions from the hard disk. Laptops often have hidden restore and utility partitions and the hard disk and can often be split into C: and D: . This makes it easier for the manufacurer to image the laptop before it is sold. We often get customers who have filled their main C: drive and have no idea that they have a second storage drive available. We create one large C: hard disk partition.
  3. Genuine Windows installation using original manufacturer windows disks, original restore disks for the correct model or restore partition on the hard disk. We do not use cracked or exploited corporate licenced windows installations unlike many of our rivals. For the windows reinstall we must be supplied with a genuine windows COA licence sticker (usually stuck under the laptop, sometimes behind the battery). The original COA licence and original resore media is a legal requirement for windows.
  4. Latest manufacturer drivers are installed. The original manufacturer restore media often contains out of date drivers and utilities and come bundled with useless software often slowing down the computer. In this instance we will remove trial and bloatware software. The latest stable drivers are retrieved from the respective manufacturer and installed for each of the components (ie sound card, wireless card etc). There is often a very slight speed improvement with updated drivers also proven in windows benchmark tests.
  5. Latest Windows service packs installed
  6. Open Office installed (a free office package compatible with Microsoft Office), Google Chrome installed (much faster and more secure than firefox and IE), DVD Player installed + large codec pack allowing your computer to play virtually any video file without issue.
  7. Original Wallpaper - Not one of the most important steps but still...
  8. Windows Activated - As we only use genuine windows installations we must activate the software with Microsoft to prove that it is genuine and licenced. Hardware ID's from different components within the laptop are used to create a hash code which is then linked to your licence key. This system prevents the same licence being used on more than one computer. Activation is normally automatic with original restore media.

Full Reinstall Cost - £59.00