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Found a laptop cheaper than us?

Friday, May 1, 2015

We are one of the only companies in the UK that extensively reconditions laptops back to a New, Grade A condition.

If you find a laptop for sale cheaper than us elsewhere you can guarantee that is has not had important work carried out to it which would guarantee a strong and reliable laptop.

A supplier ticking a "Refurbished" box on an ebay listing for example is not the same as 3 hours of reconditioning work.

Work which we carry out which no one else does:

-Full strip down, fan and heatsink removed and cleaned out.
-Fresh thermal paste applied
-CMOS battery replaced
-Any slightly worn parts eg touchpad or back lid replaced.
-Every screw tightened like the day that it left the factory.
-A genuine\original charger is supplied
-A genuine install of Windows using factory disks
-The latest manufacturer drivers installed
-Over 180 windows updates complete
-Every part of the laptop thoroughly tested ie USB ports, battery.
-A 6 Month warranty giving you piece of mind and cheap future repairs.

We are writing this article due to a few of our customers being bitten purchasing 'Reconditioned' laptops even from some of the largest suppliers in the UK which have blocked fans (overheating). damaged hard disks and fake dangerous chargers.

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