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Our selection of Powerful i5 laptops. Not to be confused with the new i3 laptops found in shops which have a reduced amount of cache memory making them cheap to sell but much slower.

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21.5" Apple iMac i5 A1311

The perfect Music and video editing All-in-one PC
£999.00 (GBP) inc. VAT
£649.00 (GBP) inc. VAT

27" Apple iMac A1312 i5 1TB SSD and 32GB Ram - Boxed as New! 10657

The ultimate iMac - Huge Screen, Huge Memory and Huge Solid State Storage.
£2,900.00 (GBP) inc. VAT
£1,299.00 (GBP) inc. VAT

Lenovo ThinkPad T420 i5 320GB

With 4GB of Ram and 320GB hard disk this laptop will handle the most demanding applications with ease.
£1,600.00 (GBP) inc. VAT
£299.00 (GBP) inc. VAT

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