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13" Apple MacBook Pro A1278 i5 8GB 320GB HDD and 240GB SSD 10474

Combining Solid State technology for fast startup and Platter hard disk for storage, this MacBook Pro has the best of both worlds.
Manufacturer: Apple
Old price: £1,300.00 (GBP) inc. VAT
Price: £679.00 (GBP) inc. VAT

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Grade A - All of our laptops are Grade A Professionally Reconditioned following our very extensive reconditioning process, matched by no other company in the UK.

This 13" Apple Macbook pro in prestine condition and complete with a crystal clear LED screen. It has been stripped down into its component pieces. The fans, heatsink and processor have all been removed and cleaned out, removing all the dust and applying more thermal paste. This ensures that this beautifully designed laptop is now running like new. 

The 240GB Solid State drive is up to 10 times faster than standard hard drives. They are also shock-proof and there are no moving parts. SSD's are the future.

This laptop als has a 320GB hard disk which replaces the DVD Superdrive making this the perfect mobile companion for users wanting a very fast operating system and the storage advantage for Photo's, Videos and Music. This laptop has a combined storagecapacity of 560GB.

8GB Ram is perfect for photo editing and enables over 70 browser tabs to be opened before the laptop starts slowing down.

For connectivity this Mac is equipped with your usual wireless capabilities but has also got built in bluetooth so syncing your iphone or ipad is made easy! It's other connectivity equipment include gigabit network, 2x fireWire, 3 USB 2.0 ports and a Webcam.

Its i5 Processor has monster capability and which easily render HD video is real time. Do not confuse this processor with the cheaper i3 found in new laptops which have a heavily reduces amount of Cache memory making them cheap to sell but much slower!

This Apple comes with a Brand New genuine and original charger alongside the orginal Apple box and a fresh install of Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.1.

A 12 month hardware warranty is included with the laptop and we can half any apple price if you need any help afterwards.

Products specifications
Processor Intel i5 Dual Core 2.5Ghz
Hard Disk 256 GB SSD
Hard Disk 320 GB
Memory 8 GB
Screen Size 13.3 Inch WXGA Widescreen
Optical Drive None
Wireless Yes
Network 10/100/1000 Gigabit
Battery Good 1hr+
Operating System Mac OS X Sierra 10.12